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Belind Kelliçi and Berisha are caught lying to the NY Post reporter

A NY Post article by the journalist Miranda Devine reveals that the DP leadership is injecting false information into the international media to politically favor Berisha.

According to the DP’s thesis, the McGonigal case in the USA is related to the designation of non grata of Sali Berisha.

The American journalist’s article, quotes the Democratic Party MP, Belind Kelliçi to claim that the former FBI official Charles McGonigal opened FBI investigations against the political opponents of Prime Minister Edi Rama to use them later for designating Berisha persona non grata.

According to Belind Kelliçi, the Opposition Democratic Party candidate for May’s mayoral election in Tirana, Albania, McGonigal opened FBI investigations into political opponents of Albanian Socialist Party PM Rama, probes used to declare them persona non grata, unable to do business or open a bank account in the US.” – writes the NY Post.

This is a deception of the Democratic Party and a speculation of Belind Këlliçi, since the indictment of the American prosecutors does not mention Sali Berisha anywhere, it only mentions the former head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha and the “Muzin” file.

Unlike the Bild article that was later disappeared, today’s NY Post article is the clearest confirmation that all the main actors in the PD are manipulating and trying to deceive the international media to appoint Berisha as the hero of the story.

They will have a little difficulty doing it, not only because the indictment of the American prosecutors reveals the opposite, but also because they have left a lot of traces, starting from the photos with Agron Neza and ending with the accusations they have made against Lulzim Basha in connection with the Russian money in the Muzin case.

Practically, they were caught “with blood on their hands” playing Edi Rama’s game, since, just like him, they accused Basha after September 9./